Monday, July 11, 2011

New "hardwood" kitchen floors

When I moved into my house I inherited ugly laminate floors that didn't match anything else in the kitchen.  A couple years after I moved in, I did a mini makeover to my kitchen with paint.  I painted my countertops, I painted the walls, and I painted the ugly laminate floors!  It all worked quite well but with 4 children the floors got scratched and dinged and I needed to find another inexpensive solution for the floors until we can afford our dream kitchen.  

Well, contact paper has been one of my best buds for ages so I thought I'd give it a try on the floors.  I actually test drove it in the kids bathroom first.  I figured if it could stand it in there, that it would work in the kitchen as well.

3 rolls is all my kitchen takes.  It's a very small, like a bowling alley! So for about $15 every year or two, I recover my kitchen floor with contact paper.  It's very easy to use and very forgiving.  You can't really tell where seams are unless you look for them. 

Here's how to do it.
 Start with a nasty floor.  I contact papered this a year or two ago...honestly can't remember.  There's adhesive, drywall mud, paint splatters and scuffs that couldn't be cleaned.
 At a glance it doesn't look so bad,
 but close-up you can see scuffs and scratches.
 It had peeled in some of the corners so I took an x-acto knife and cut back far enough to where it was still adhered well.
 Like this.  You can just cover right over it.
 Cut a basic shape of the space you need to fit, then after you peel the paper backing off and smooth it down, go in with the x-acto knife for precision cuts.
My #2 son who is 6 wanted to take pictures of me for blog.  Then he said, "What about the reporting part, Mom? Can I do that?"  I figured out he wanted to film and talk about what we were doing so here it is!  Don't mind the shaky camera.  I love his little voice!  I can't believe how he knew what I was doing and everything.  Too cute!  

My little man would love some comments!
 Cutting around the toe kicks and oven.
 All done!  All new and nice and drywall mud and other nonsense!
I love a new "wood" floor! ;o)

Now that's my kind of makeover!

What random things have you done lately?

Lots o' love,



  1. That is so cool! OK- I loved the video- that video is going to be so precious when he's older. It cracks me up- but doesn't surprise me that he knew exactly what to do. I can't remember what- but your #1 son, explained something to me one time that only YOUR son would know, it had to do with some kind of project. I loved it. The floor looks fabulous- and this makes me feel more hopeful for whenever we get a house, because most likely the floors will be ugly, and we most definetly will not be able to afford to redo them right away. And i love that you were in your skirt doing this all dressed up- ha.

  2. Oh, please tell that little commentator that he did a most outstanding job! Tell him he may have a career as a newscaster or doing voice-overs for commercials. Hug him for me! Lots of love back!!!

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  4. You are so amazing and think of the best thrift ideas. I love that you are dressed up with earrings and necklace to boot! Omgoodness the video was awesome, very professional. Good Job son #2!!

  5. The floors look good. Although it is contact paper, it sure looks like wood. It is good that there are thrifty ways available for home improvement projects. The video is amazing.

  6. Wow! Your kid sure has some talents in reporting! Maybe one day he will be a famous broadcast personality! And he did a good job in recording your work on the floor. He captured every detail of how to put contact paper on the floor. Someday, you will look at this material with a smile on your face!

  7. If you put a couple of coats of polyurethane over it, it would last for years without scuffs and peeling.

  8. I know this is old, but hopefully you can answer me this! When it is pulled up, is there any damage/residue left on the underlying flooring? I'm renting, so I want to do something temporary but still easy to remove.

  9. I know this is old, but hopefully you can answer me this! When it is pulled up, is there any damage/residue left on the underlying flooring? I'm renting, so I want to do something temporary but still easy to remove.

  10. I would also like to know if residue is left behind. I am also in a rental hoping to try this, but only if it is damage free. Mine would be applied to laminate. Thank you.

  11. Doesn't water get under the edges and cause the paper to lift? I'm thinking about doing this in my bathroom.