Friday, July 15, 2011

magnetic travel trays

Do you have any travel plans this Summer?  Need to keep kids occupied?  Awesome!  Go to Dollar Tree and get yourself some little cookie sheets, spray paint, mod podge, foam brushes, and scrapbook paper.
Spray paint the tray...this eliminates reflection from the sun in the car, and it's fun! Cut scrapbook paper to fit the bottom. You can use a corner rounder punch to make the corners awesome.
Spread a thin layer of mod podge on the bottom.
Lay your paper down.
You can use a brayer to help smooth it out if any bubbles form. Once it's down, add a coat of mod podge on top and wait for it to dry.
You now have a great travel tray!


  1. So cool!!!!!!!!!! And I did my laundry today at your house :) and ate your grapes- ha. Thanks! I hope you're having a GREAT time! And- I miss you! I started to call you Friday, and then I remembered.

  2. Awesome! I just picked up the supplies at dollar tree, and making the trays this weekend! They are also carrying wooden magnetic numbers and wooden magnetic shapes right now :)

  3. Thanks for a great idea! I'm heading to the Dollar Store right now!

  4. Grandma is going to do this for her little munchkin!