Sunday, February 6, 2011

Closet Office

WOO-HOO!!! It's pretty much done!!! Here are the process pics.
Here it is all cleared out, getting ready to patch and paint.
 All painted. What a difference some paint makes!
 Here's my hot honey!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, Babe!  You rock!
 Hubby grabbed the camera...
 ...and took advantage of my back being turned!  Try painting smoothly when this happens! ;o)
 Door on, check.  
Top molding on, check. 
Shelves in, check.
Tons of drywall dust particles, check.
 Computer up and running, check.
More dust particles, check.
Maybe I shouldn't have tried to sweep until after I took pictures!
 All put together!
 Here it is with the cool lighting My Honey scored at Costco!
 It's so beautiful, I have to hold back the tears.  I'm so excited how this is turning out.

Before and After
Now that's my kind of makeover!

New Paint

Here is the new paint color. It's lighter and not as earthy as the old.  
It's called Ancient Stone by Valspar. 
I'm pretty much lovin' it!

Slipcovered Ikea Futon

This is the nasty original slipcover for our Ikea futon.  The kids have gotten to it too many times.
 Not even Oxyclean could save it...
 So off to Home Fabrics to find a solution to my problem.
 Do you love the fabric I got?  5 yards for $20...THANK YOU!!! And oh, so purdy!
It's a heavy duty fabric that will stand up to abuse and will hide messy fingerprints well.
 I laid the fabric over the back and down the backside, and trimmed with fabric to spare. Then laid it out over the seat and down the front.  I pinned the two pieces together using the original cover and followed the seam as a guide.  
 Pinch together...
 ...and pin in the crease.
 Once pinned, I trimmed the front near the floor.
 I started falling in love with it right about at this point...already so much better than before!
 Now for the sides.  
I held up the fabric and pinned it to the side to hold it in place as I pinned around the sides.
 Once the side was all pinned, I took out the holder pins and trimmed a good seam allowance.
 I sewed it all together, hemmed it, and TA-DA!!! My new favorite piece of furniture.  I love it so much!  Doesn't it look SO much better than before! Now that's my kind of makeover!
I can't wait for the office/guest room to be finished so I can put it back in there.

What kind of fabric projects are you working on?