Saturday, July 9, 2011

Americana & Denim Rag Quilt - Finished Pic

So it's taken me a while to post the completed rag quilt pics.  I think I was just so frustrated with the original post  that I didn't want to deal with it again... I'm ready to move on now.

Here is the flag side in all it's All-American glory.
 Here is the rag-denim side.
 I love the random pocket squares and the ruggedness of the fray.
I've washed it once to start the fraying process. 
Every time I wash it it'll keep getting better too!

I can't believe how *soft* this blanket is! You know how you LOVE your favorite pair of jeans...totally broken in for you.  This is how it feels to me.  A whole blanket of soft denim.  I love snuggling up with this quilt! 

The best part about this whole project is that I didn't spend ANY money on it!  It's made entirely of things I already had on hand.  Gotta love FREE!

Oh, I did go through about 6 sewing machine needles though!  (Thanks Amy) So if you plan on making a denim blanket be sure to stock up on needles first so you don't have to stop when you're REALLY close to being done to change needles 3 more times!  

And I tried saving a couple needles too!  They would bend a little and I caught it in time before it broke and bent it back straight with needle-nose pliers!  It saved it for a few more rows before it couldn't handle it anymore and just snapped! Hee-hee!


  1. i can't believe you tried to save needles you crazy woman. love the quilt!!!!!!!!

  2. Megan! I LOVE all the stuff you do! You should bring this when you come visit us next week. Great work!

  3. You are awesome!! Love this!! :)