Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jean Purse

While my sister and her family were visiting, my niece wanted to make something. She decided to make a denim purse.  I had tons of jeans for my Americana/Denim Quilt so I let her go through them.  She chose size 5 Gap Kids jeans.

 She cut them straight across at the crotch.
 She pinned it.
 Sewed it.
 And cut a strip from the leg as a handle/shoulder strap.
She hand stitched the strap in place and it's the cutest purse ever!  There are the front and back pockets to put things in, and the jeans had an adjustable waist so she can cinch the top in if she wants!

I didn't get an after pic, but it looks like the second pic with a strap.  I'll see if she can take a pic and I'll put it on later.

What do you do with old jeans?

Lots o' love,


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  1. Hi Megan,

    I am Ashley Davis' grandmama, and I love your ideas! This one - the jean purse, reminded me of a bag I made many years ago. Our youngest son, Michael had the cutest little striped overalls. I loved them on him. I have pictures of him wearing them. When he outgrew them, I could not bring myself to get rid of them. So, I packed them away. Sometime later, I cut them off, hemmed the bottom of them, and made a little tote bag out of them. He is now 37 yrs. old, and I STILL HAVE THAT TOTE BAG! I still cannot bring myself to get rid of it! I love your creative mind! Keep on blogging! Dianne Keller