Friday, July 29, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover thoughts

So a couple months ago The Hubs and I decided it was time for a new bedding set.  After many Internet search sessions and store trips, I think The Hubs was D-U-N-done! He saw this one and said I like it lets just get this one!
So we did.  I grabbed the Cal King size and headed to the register...not LOVING it at all...but still it was nice...I just wanted something else ENTIRELY...but it's not just my room, so we compromise.  As I'm in line at the register I notice it's martha stewart...YUCK!!! I cannot STAND her and it almost makes me put it back, but the look on The Hubs' face had me staying in that line! ;o)

Now don't get me does look good in the picture, but in our room in real looks like army camo.  Our room is so small and brown, that it doesn't look good. AT. ALL.

I know there is HUGE potential here, and I know our room can look great so I've been thinking of painting gray and white stripes.

At first I was thinking of painting it like the stripes in Landee's dining room like this.
But now I'm thinking I'll just use the same colors that Landee used, but in the pattern like this from Centsational Girl's staged townhouse adventures.
I like the varying height of the stripes.  

What do you think?

Lots o' love,



  1. Ha that is funny about Martha Stewart, we have never had this conversation. Very curious about that one. I don't really feel like this is something I can give my opinion on, it's more what do you like? Because they are both really cute, it's just more of what you want. For some reason the second one feels overwhelming to me, like- not relaxing. But if it doesn't give you that feeling then do it because it's really cool looking.

  2. I love the bed set, even if it is M.S. :) You and me both, kiddo! I couldn't live with the 2nd set of stripes either, maybe just too much contrast going on. Even with the first set I would have to wash out the contrast to be barely there. And while I like the gray, I would probably tone in some of the green, very whitewashed. The smaller the space, the stronger the effect of the stripes. I need my bedroom to be a retreat. Maybe you have other plans? ;)