Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm busy...

I'm still here...I promise!
I've just been working on something I started oh, I'd say, 2 YEARS ago! 
My husband is SUPER excited that I'm finishing it so that he doesn't have to look at the 3 garbage bags full of old jeans and old fabric that had taken up residence in the garage.

I had my friend Amy over for a little bit last night and she TOTALLY helped me with the plan of attack.  That's always the biggest issue for me.  So with her help, I'm well on my way to finishing my sewing project that I've been putting off soooooo long.

HOPEFULLY I'll finish tonight or tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Flylady is one of my all-time heroes!  According to her system, Wednesday is Anti-Procrastination Day.  

How appropriate! 

Lots o' Love!



  1. Um you are giving me way too much credit here, I counted some squares, and looked at the shape on the floor and said "yeah- I think that looks good". You are awesome for cutting out all those squares last night! Good for you! I had a dream about your quilt last night. It turned out like a baby quilt, really small, and all the colors were hot colors like hot yellow, hot blue, and I couldn't figure out how it turned out that way- ha. talk to you later

  2. Wow,I'm beginning to imagine some long-put-off projects of mine being completed! What inspiration. Lots of love back at'cha!