Friday, June 10, 2011

I'VE BEEN FEATURED!!!!!!!! and UGLY Stool Re-do

So I was checking my email and Cindy over at Cinsarah said that she featured me on her Favorites Friday post! I checked out her blog and yep...I'VE BEEN FEATURED!!!!  This is so exciting!  THANKS CINDY, for making me feel like a rockstar!  You guys should check out her blog.  It's pretty sweet!

Okay, so here's another project I worked just finished.

Last Wednesday I went thrifting with my new creative friend Amy.  We had such a blast!  Here's what I got for $12!  I love half-price day!
 UGLY stool, (and actually Amy got it first, but it was covered with a pillow that someone tacked on.  When I was taking it in to her apartment for her I told her that it felt like it was a weird shape.  She cut the pillow off and EEEWWWWWW!!! It's got to be the UGLIEST stool I've EVER seen!  We laughed so hard! She didn't want it AT ALL so I gave her the $2 is cost her, and I took it home!)

I also purchased: a wire basket, to hold fruit
2 silver candle holders
1 beautiful pewter single stem vase that I'm not going to alter.  It's perfect as is!
 1 bubble glass serving plate 
1 ugly duckling...more to come on that one.

So the first thing I HAD to do was tackle that stool!
Originally, I wanted to replace the step and paint it all white, but the Hubs suggested staining the top like our floors...I thought about the kids using this stool and how if it was white, it'd get pretty nasty fairly quickly.  Stain it is!  GREAT IDEA!!! THANKS HONEY!!!
I grabbed a hammer and knocked the heart off...(shot to the heart, and you're to blame darling, you give love a bad name)
So much better already!
A little piece that can be fixed easily...
 Put wood glue on the little chip and put it back in place.
 It wouldn't go all the way down, 
 So I grabbed my hammer again and gave it a whack.
 I clamped it in place and let it dry.
 The top may have been flush, but now the bottom wasn't.
 I sanded a little to make it smooth again.
Primed the base.
 Gave it 2 coats of Rust-o-leum Ivory Bisque and the base was finished. 
Now for the step.  I sanded the edges of a scrap piece of oak we had leftover from our floors.
 It happened to fit perfectly!
 I used the same stain as our floors.
 Here is the 1st coat.
 This is the 2nd.
 And here is the 3rd...nice and dark!
 Time to attach the step to the base.
 I lined it up evenly
 on both sides.
 I made little pencil marks where the base was on both sides.
 Laid down a little wood glue.
 Lined it back up and nailed it in place. I applied the 1 layer of poly.
 I took it outside to dry. Here is the second coat of poly.
 And here is the 3rd coat.  Isn't it beautiful!
I love how the grain glistens!

That's my kind of makeover!

Lots o' love,



  1. Hey Megan!
    You are a Rockstar! I love this bench! You did a fabulous job on it!
    I have been wanting to go thrift store shopping so bad but we are saving money right now to go on vacation next month!
    Looks like you got some great finds! :)
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh I love the stool!!!!!!!!!! And I laughed out loud when you were describing our reaction to the heart. It is bad. Oh my gosh I love what you did. I would have never thought to do the stain top- I would have naturally done the paint, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH MORE than if you painted it all- it looks so professional and it looks like you paid ALOT of money for it, it looks like you got it from pottery barn or something. I LOVE IT. And that's so cool that you were featured! I was featured for my blue chairs when I made them, and I seriously felt really famous- haha. see you sunday!