Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't let the door hit you...

After 7 years, it was finally time to replace the last 3 interior doors (of 8) that we bought when we moved in.  Here is the front closet in all it's plainness.
 Close up of the nasty knob...what to do about that without spending a ton to replace all the knobs?
PAINT THEM!!!  Don't you love paint?  It can transform anything!
 I used an oil based primer since I was using it on something that will be used heavily. Then I used this awesome paint, the color is Bronze...which totally fit the look I was going for.  I had this left over from  my ceiling fan makeover.
 While I removed all the door knobs and hardware from the old doors and painted them, my Awesome (yes he is awesome with a capital "a") honey was installing the new doors!!! Oh BABY!!!
 Here is the front closet with the new door all painted a bright, crisp white!
 And don't forget the "new" beautiful door knobs.  YES, that is the SAME knob!

These last two pictures didn't turn out so was late when we were all done and I didn't want to wait until morning to take the pictures.  

I spent today painting EVERY door in my house that same bright white!  THAT'S 10 DOORS PEOPLE!!!

I SO love that all my doors are the same now, and all the knobs match too!!!

Lots o' love,


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  1. Wow, I don't even know if the thought of painting doorknobs would have crossed my mind. They and ALL those doors look terrific!