Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sick of red

I haven't posted for a few days because Friday was the last day of school and I've been enjoying spending time with all my little ones.

I had a bunch of other projects that I needed to post, but I developed an itchy spray paint finger and decided to paint my front door!

Here is what my front door looked like Monday morning...
 Brick red, and pretty blah with a few scratches mixed in.
I was tired of the red, especially since when the door is only matches with my decor at Christmastime. Time for a MAKEOVER! I taped it all off then tried to take it off the hinges...couldn't.  So I decided I could spray paint it anyway!  What color did I choose???
 I used my trusty cardboard box that I've been using lately to spray paint things on the front lawn, and it worked wonderfully for this little trick.  I held it up next to the edge of the door so that it wouldn't overspray on anything else, and it was great!  (I only have a little part to touch up on the trim behind the door.)
 The whole door only took 1 can...I was surprised!  I actually bought the can of spray paint for something else...guess I'll have to go get another one! ;o) 
 When I took off the tape I LOVED IT!!!
This is what my front door looked like Monday mid-morning!
Now I want to paint the door knob silver and add a cute saying in vinyl.
What color is your front door?

Lots o' love,



  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT. So I was going to call you today for thrift day, but my sister is in town last minute for the day, so I'm going to take her to the store. I felt bad we got interrupted in our conversation from the boys and never got to finish it, so i was also wanting to hang out anyway. So we need to get together again. I had such a great time the other night. alrighty- talk to you later.

  2. WOW! Do I LOVE it! Of course, I'm not prejudiced or anything; it's just my favorite color in the world. :) It does look good.

    Love YOU!