Monday, June 6, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Spruce Up

When I told my friend that I started this blog, she told me about her sisters' blog.  I looked at every posting of hers and saw this one where she made her guest bathroom ready for company.  I kind of forgot about wanting to do this to my own guest bathroom, until a little while ago.  I searched all the blogs where I thought it would be to no avail.  Then I googled it and in google images, there it was!  I clicked on the picture and to my surprise it was my awesome friend's sisters' blog!  Ha!!!  So Melanie, if you ever see this...THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!

Here's what I had to start with:

The nasty factor had to go, but I didn't want to break out drywall, mud, sand, paint, etc.

I have done amazing things with Contact Paper people.  This stuff is RAD!
 Yeah, there are a few bubbles but don't one is really going to see it, and I was working with year-old crumpled scraps I found from a while back.  Besides, it looks a TON better than what I started with!  No more hole!!! (just don't push on it 'cause your hand'll go right through!)
 Okay, so here's the milkbox and capri sun box organizer I hinted at in this post.  Were you able to guess it?
 See!  It really is a Capri Sun box!  I had to trim it down a little to make it fit in the Costco milk box and then I covered the rough edges with masking tape to smooth it a little.  I covered it with a heavy duty white wrapping paper.  You could use white contact paper, or another funky paper and just cover with clear contact paper, which would help waterproof it too.  I didn't just because I only wanted to use what I already had on hand.
 To identify what's inside the drawers for guests, I wanted to make labels.  I printed the words: LATHER, for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash; SMOOTH, for razors, lotions, and deodorants; and POLISH, for toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.  I'm glad I finally have a place to put all those little travel size bottles.
 I had my old Stampin' Up! Hodgepodge Hardware kit so I pulled out 3 oval frames and 6 brads. I traced around it and cut it out just inside the line so it wouldn't show when it was all together.
 I put mini glue dots on the back.
 And put the paper label into the oval frame, being sure to match up the holes.
 I put more glue dots on the back and adhered it to the drawer front.
 I used a piercing tool to poke holes for the brads to go in.
 Here is what it looks like all together.
And here it is in the bathroom vanity.
I have some extra towels and washcloths, bathroom cleaner, and a bucket full of things woman may need occasionally, if  you get my point. ;o)

What kind of stuff do you come up with from things you have on hand?

Lots o' love,


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  1. Love it. Ok- I just got your message today. I'm in Palm Desert for the week for my sister's wedding. Mike's at home, but I'm staying till Thursday. We would have loved to have hung out! Hopefully this sunday? I'll talk to you next sunday, hope all is well with you. Oh- and my sisters have all told me I need to join the 21st century and get texting. I think I'm going to shop around. Ok- talk to you later!