Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garage Laundry Inspiration

Have you ever seen Mt. Washmore?  Well now you have!  

Here is my pile of laundry I get to fold today...not to mention the loads that are in the washer and dryer right now, and the 3 more loads I need get to wash, dry, fold, iron, and put away later too!!!  AHHHH!!!!!

Yes, that's a Cal King bed COVERED in clean laundry

I HATE laundry because it's NEVER D-O-N-E!  I love doing projects that I can complete, finish, check off my list and never have to worry about again.  That's not really the case with laundry is it? *sigh* 

Well, I at least want to make my tedious task a little more enjoyable, maybe that's a bad word for it... how about more pleasing to the eye...yeah, that's more like it. ;o)

OK, I can't believe I'm about to show you this, but here goes nothin'!

The creepy violin theme from "Psycho" is playing in my head  right now!

This is what I had a couple weeks ago...I don't have a nice laundry room inside the house...I have a little space in the garage for my washer and dryer and a little cupboard above them.  It is not a beautiful space.  I don't enjoy going into the garage to do laundry... {going into the garage to get the drill, I LOVE!}  I hate seeing studs and tar paper and the disorganized chaos that is the workbench which is just to the right of the dryer...that's another issue altogether.  Time to clean up a little!

This is what I have today.  
Still nasty, but all the clutter is gone. Whew!  
Why is it so hard cleaning out the garage?!?  

Do you like my graffiti'd cupboard?  I saw a sign somewhere and wanted to duplicate it...fast...so I grabbed a sharpie and did exactly what I tell my little ones not to do.  Hypocrite! 

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Laundry Inspiration for you...and me, cause I'm going to make my little corner in the garage beautiful one day...just watch me!

Shelley from The House of Smiths made her laundry room look great!
I'd love to find a chandy to hang above my washer and dryer!

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
DIY laundry pedestals over at ana white
I SO TOTALLY want to build my own pedestal!!!

How cute is this retro-modern laundry room?!  I love the vinyl on the washer! 
laundry/mud rooms - table stools topiary washers dryers apothecary jars  Laundry room inspiration!    Sawhorse wood table and built-ins cabinets!
Yeah, only in my DREAMS!!!
So I have a lot of dreaming to do still before any of this magic happens.  
But hey, a girl can dream, right?

What are your best laundry area storage tips and decorating ideas?  

Lots o' love,



  1. Oh man, I'm so glad we met eachother! I've already told my sister all about you- ha. I love your cupboard thing you made.

  2. Ummmm just got your comment. I totally have every single season of Little House. This is going to be a magical relationship.

  3. OOOO!!!! I LOVE the color division under the washer and dryer--totally doing that because I wanted drawers, but was NOT paying $500 for the ones that match W&D. And I think I'm in love with the Chandelier! cute cute :) Love ya girl, things looking awesome, can't wait to see it soon!