Monday, May 23, 2011

My Favorite 4-Letter Word Starts With an "F" but it's not what you think

My husband is awesome.  He loves me so much...know how I know?  He came home one day and said, hey, there's a mirror on the curb about a block over that has a free sign.  WOO-HOO!!! I love you too baby!  I hopped in my car and snagged it as fast as I could.  Here's what I got for FREE!!! See isn't it the best word!
 It had cool detailing but wasn't painted brown very well so I wanted to change it to white.

I taped under the edges and corners really well.
My sweet 4 year old helped cover and tape the mirror.
 And here she is all white.  I'm debating whether or not to distress her and sand her high parts down.
Here she is all hung in the guest room.  And if you look closely in the reflection you can see a sneak peek of 3  little mirrors that I'll post on soon.
What do you think? 


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