Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kitchen Disaster

Ay, ay, ay!  Where do I begin?!?
Well it all started about a month was a dark and stormy night...all the children were asleep in their beds...only one sound could be heard.  At first Megan didn't think much of it, but at the clock ticked on she became more and more uneasy. She ran from room to room trying to figure out where it was coming from, getting more and more panicked with each failed attempt to locate the evil noise.  She realized she couldn't do this on her own so she enlisted the help of her brave husband...who quickly solved the mystery. He pulled the fridge out and they discovered...wait for it...wait for it...WATER!!!! (insert blood curdling scream here!)

OK, I've had enough drama...seriously folks I'm waiting for this nightmare to end!  But alas, it's real life... sigh.
So there was this little crack in the part of the fridge that splits the water line to go to the water and ice dispensers.  It was shooting out a mist so who knows how long it was actually doing this.  It had been leaking so slowly that we didn't even know it was happening.  Water soaked up 4ft up the walls, up into the cabinetry, and between the flooring and sub floor!!! BUT WE DIDN'T KNOW THIS YET! WHAAA???

We tried to dry it as best we could until our homeowners insurance got involved.

They sent out an adjuster who used a moisture meter to see how far it spread.  That's when I realized the real scope of this mess!  They brought in 9 crazy industrial fans, a dehumidifier and...

...three drying mats to *hopefully* pull the moisture out of the hardwood floor on the back side of the kitchen wall that (that we just refinished less than a year ago) because it was all cupping!! AHHH!  These fans stayed here almost a week.  Oh, did I mention they started the dry out process the day before THANKSGIVING!

They also came and boxed all my pantry cupboard, pots, pans, dishes, kids dishes, hot pads, etc.
It's been crazy, but I'm reminding myself that I need to see the glass as half full here.  I will get a new beautiful kitchen out of it so pray for me that I'll have the patience and enough crock pot recipes to get me and my family through the next few months!

Lots o' love,



  1. Oh megan, I'm so sorry!!! Mike and I went through that, but it at least was pre-children. What an ordeal. So excited for the beautiful forthcoming kitchen though!

  2. That's crazy girl!
    I hope it all goes back to normal soon. We had a similar situation with our A/C unit! I understand how you are feeling!

  3. I hope it all goes back to normal soon.