Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Upcycled Apron Made From a Skirt

Here she is!  SO SUPER SIMPLE too!  
 Here is the really cute Chaps skirt I got from a resale shop for just a couple of bucks.  It used to fit until I washed it, and then it was too short!  Dang!  Well instead of throwing it out, I decided to make a cute apron with it instead.
 I cut the side with the zipper open.
 Then found the center seam, which is at the 2" mark here.
 Then I made 1" pleats.
 Here it is all pinned on the outside...
 ...and inside.
 I hemmed the bottom and sides and ran a line of stitching though the pleats.
 I added a 1" grosgrain ribbon for the tie with a stitched zig-zag...
 ...and voila! 
The "Rose" apron.
Aint she purdy?!?

Now that's my kind of makeover!

Lots o' love,


  1. What a great idea!!! It's super cute.

  2. Just found your site (and love it), to bad I need to head to bed. Great job on the apron. I love that idea. I am just getting into upcycling things and this is a fantastic idea.