Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun Flirty Apron

I made an apron for my soon-to-be Sister-in-Love, Margaret.  She is an amazing woman and my brother is so blessed to be marrying her!  I made this for her shower gift.  I didn't have a pattern but this is what I did.

I started with a remnant piece that was half of a yard.  I cut a piece for the top and trimmed it on a bit of an angle so it would nip in at the waist a little.

I cut these two strips and sewed them together

I also hemmed one side and gathered it.  It'll be a ruffle in a minute...

Next I cut 4" strips for the ruffles.

I hemmed one side of it and gathered it.

I sewed it on...

...and went back over my stitching with a zig-zag stitch.

Then I top-stitched so it would lay flat.

I added the smaller blue ruffle and the top was coming together nicely.  I cut a piece for the bottom and rounded off the bottom corners. I gathered the top.

I attached it all together with yet another coordinating yellow for the waistband.

For the neck strap I used the yellow plaid and sewed a tube. The easiest way for me to turn it out is to attach a safety pin to one end.

I sink it down into the tube...

...and fish it through until it comes out the other side.  Super easy!

I top-stitched both sides and pinned it down

I tucked the end up under itself so no raw edges were showing.

Now for the fun part! Wait...all of this was fun! I made a big flower with the 3 fabrics I used for the apron.

Each petal was backed with and stitched to the yellow plaid for stability.

I made a little fold in each petal...

...and ran it through the machine.

I cut them apart leaving each color together.

I laid it out and stitched it in place.

Repeat with each layer.

Then stack them up.

I used FabricTac to adhere the little jewels.

So this is what the top looks like up close.

And here she is in all her glory!

I made the ties long enough to tie in front on the right hip into a cute bow.

My husband liked it so much he keeps asking when I'm making one for myself!
What do you think?

Lots o' love,



  1. Super cute! I love that the ruffle goes all the way up to the waist. Great fabric combination too!

  2. very impressive hob ): been looking for makeover games like these and found this blog by accident :)

  3. Megan, you're awesome. I was in the midst of trying to re-do my small apartment. Came up with some great ideas. And now - - - your site really helped me so much as well. You're the best. Thank you! From Massachusetts (it's so COLD here right now!). I'm in process of putting stained glass contact paper on my windows, and painting the trim on my walls/around the windows - - AND your ceiling fan idea - - I HAVE to do that with my ugly ceiling fan !!!! Thanx a zillion, Megan.