Wednesday, August 10, 2011

D's Room Makeover - Ugly Chair Re-do

D didn't have any furniture in her room besides a twin bed and a nightstand. (original post) I wanted to give her a place to sit to tie her shoes, to play her guitar, or just a place to toss her jacket. 

I went to the local DI and found this. It is a metal frame chair with plastic seat and back. Ew! I liked the shape and it was only $4! Score!  My sister and mom were like, "Why on Earth would she get THAT chair...there's no hope!"

 Well, look at me now! This was such an EASY makeover it was silly!  

 I unscrewed the seat, and the back rest just popped right out.  
I spray painted the metal frame in Heirloom White.  
I took the plastic off the seat.  
The foam was still in good condition so I reused it. 
I covered it with this damask scrap that my sister had.
Then I screwed it back in place. 
For the back I used spray adhesive and covered it and popped it back in place.
 Last, I bought the green trim from JoAnn's to finish it off.

I LOVE how it turned out!

What have you beautified lately?

Lots o' love,



  1. OK I LOVE THIS- but I'm a little confused. Was this when you were in Utah? Who is D? And is there a DI here? I'm assuming this was in Utah because none of this is making sense. I LOVE THE CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! I miss you! I finally got my charger this evening! I'll give you a call tomorrow, unless my appointment gets rescheduled for tomorrow (I went there, and the DIETITIAN WASN"T THERE!!!!!!!!! UHHHHHHHh)

  2. D LOVES your designs and that chair just epitomizes your ability to turn ugly duckling items into gorgeous swans! The work is still underway because, as you know, many hands are involved but as soon as it is complete I will shoot you some photos. D is a happy girl!

    Love You!!!!!

  3. Oh good! I'm so glad she likes everything so far! Can't wait to see the final reveal! ;o)

  4. I am in the market for a new office chair. Looks like this one would be super comfortable for long hours of work. Mary S. Hernandez