Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marshmallow Heart Attack

I bought a bag of pink heart marshmallows about a week or so ago with the intent of putting them on lollipop sticks and dipping them in chocolate.  

But for FHE last night I made doughnut holes and said, "Donut you guys know I love you a hole bunch!" While my kids were at school today I made sugar cookie bars.Then my kids came home from school with tons of candy from their class parties.  To add chocolate covered marshmallows to that would be overloading the overload! 

So I saw this idea 

on pinterest the other day and thought it was cute.  Then the idea hit me to do a Valentine version!  After all, I already had the marshmallows!

So when The Hubs comes home from work tonight this is what he'll see taped to the door.  I can't wait!  The kids are SO excited!

Love is a battlefield.  You are about to get a heart attack.
P.S.  You better run!
The arrow points to his ammo!

So if you need a last minute fun family idea for Valentine's Day today, feel free to have a marshmallow Heart Attack!

What are you doing to make Valentine's fun this year?

Lots o' love...especially because it's Valentine's Day,



  1. I love it! Love is a Battlefield! What a perfect twist for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing my link. :)

  2. Totally cute!
    How did the marshmallow fight go? You totally have to post an update!