Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Spring"ing it up!

Feeling sad and blue?
I was at Dollar Tree today getting birthday supplies for my son's party this weekend, when some other items caught my eye... (I already had the spray paint)
 I sprayed 5 pots white.
 Then used the overspray circles as a guide...
 ...and cut them out... fit down on the inner lip of the pot.
 I went outside and scooped me up some dirt to cover the cardboard.  I started with the regular nozzle on my glue gun but switched to the wide flat nozzle instead and it worked SO much better!
 Just work in small sections so the glue doesn't dry before you can get it pressed in the dirt.
 I cut the foam blocks in half and put a piece in each pot.
 The flower bunches had 7 stems so I used a skewer to poke 7 holes through the back side of the cardboard.
 Now, put the cardboard in the pot and poke the stems through so it goes into the foam and voila! A super lightweight kinda real looking pot of flowers!
 Repeat 5 times and hang with super long twist ties.
I also hot glued a light green polka dot ribbon under the lip of the pot.  
Now that's my kind of makeover!
From drab to fab! Not bad for $11!  What do you think?  What projects are you working on to bring on the Spring?


  1. I totally noticed these at the party! Super cute and easy! After I get our turf put in (we got a great hookup from some *fabulous* friends...) I'm totally making some hanging flower pots!

  2. Nice work and the price is right, too.