Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Office/Guest Room part 2

Be careful what you wish for!

My husband had the day off on Friday the 21st so he thought it was the perfect time to replace the closet door with the 30" one.  When he removed the door and widened the frame, he noticed dry rot!  SO...we pulled up the carpet to see how much damage there actually was. The sub floor was crumbling away and so were the bottom sections of the 2x4 framing.  We had to remove the original hardwood flooring from the closet and about 2 feet from the closet into the room to get all the dry rot taken care of.  We replaced the sub-floor and while it was out, were able to re-wire the closet so it could support all our computer needs...we're putting all the desk stuff in the closet.

Our really good friend does hardwood floors for a living, and does an amazing job, so we had him come over and assess the situation.  He convinced us to do the office, the hall, and front room/dining room too!  What a project this is turning out to be!  All we wanted was to widen the door by 6 inches... YIKES!!! 

When I can figure out how to get pictures onto my husbands laptop I'll post them.  Crazy stuff.

OH, AND BE CAREFUL OF THESE 3 LITTLE WORDS...MIGHT AS WELL.  They are dangerous words.  I wanted to put the office in the closet, so MIGHT AS WELL widen the door.  The floor didn't seem right so MIGHT AS WELL rip out the carpet.  The hardwood floor had to be fixed so MIGHT AS WELL refinish the floor in the office but if you're going to do that then MIGHT AS WELL do the whole stinking house!

BEWARE OF "MIGHT AS WELL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the door is still not installed!  Slow and steady wins the race? ;o)

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  1. Hey, you're getting the job done right! Better now than in 5 years when someone falls through the floor, right? Right? Hang in there! It's going to be awesome.